Manage My Membership

Frequently ASked Questions

How do I sign up for the Bear Club Unlimited Plans?

Sign up online, onsite at the pay station or by speaking with a Papa Bear team member!

When Will I be billed for my Bear Club Unlimited Plan?

Your card will be charged automatically on the same date monthly.

What happens if I get a new license plate or a new car?

You can update any of your information online or by talking to a Papa Bear team member at the wash.

Can I use my Bear Club Unlimited Plan on more than one vehicle?

Unfortunately, it is only one vehicle per plan, but we do have a family plan option! Click here to learn more!

How do I cancel my Bear Club Unlimited Plan?

Click here to submit the cancellation request using our membership management form or contact the car wash.

What happens when I cancel my Bear Club Unlimited Plan?

After you cancel, you can use your membership until the day before the recharge date. If refunded for any specific reason, it will end on the day the refund is processed.